Bingo Blitz Free Credits and Coins

Bingo Blitz is another exciting Android and Facebook game that is played by thousands of people across the world. The game involves playing for Bingo tokens and coins and also allows you to connect with other users and win prizes too. The game can be played with a single card that contains 25 numbers. You can win a bingo when you hit lines either up and down, across or diagonally. And by chance you win any of these, you just need to press the bingo button and the card closes automatically and you can start playing with your remaining cards. To get Bingo Blitz Free Credits and Coins just visit the page below and grab your money!

Bingo Blitz free credits and coins


Bingo Blitz – Play like a pro!

Every time you hit a card or find a number you stand to earn game coins and credits. And the more you earn credits, you move higher up the levels and unlock new boards and stand a chance to win more prizes. The trick in striking a huge score is to find the number as fast as you can.

The game also provides you an option to use the power-up bonus feature that will allow you to choose from various options. You can choose to play extra coins, extra items, extra number or an automatic bingo chance. And the power-up bonus option starts recharging after you use the feature. But when you start the game, you only have limited power-up bonus. The more you win games and move up the levels, you can win more power-up bonuses.

You can even win power-up bonuses chests that can be located behind the numbers on the cards. And you may need a key to open the chests and if you open it, you can win bingo credits, coins, tokens, power-up bonuses and even keys for other chests as well.

The interesting aspect about the Bingo Blitz game is that the game largely resembles the actual Bingo slot in a real casino. You can feel playing the Bingo in a land based casino hall with the sound and music being played in this online game.

Even the caller that reads the numbers largely resembles of the caller in a casino. Since the Bingo games are a huge hit in real casinos, it is also the same here in online slot games as well. Playing Bingo Blitz provides you with unlimited fun and entertainment. Overall, Bingo Blitz is still a great way to enjoy bingo on Androis phones and Facebook.

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